NSBPA Leadership Statement

Black Lives Matter

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade…these are only some of the names that we have heard recently, initially in whispers, and now in screams.

The racism that was skillfully embedded within our justice and policing systems is clear. It has always been clear to folks of color, specifically black folks. To others folks, these experiences may finally break the long-held notion that this country treats ALL of its citizens equally and humanely.

Once you are aware of the truth, it is nearly impossible to exist without constant feelings of sadness and rage at the injustices perpetrated against black people.


To the Black folks reading this right now – we mourn with you, we feel your rage, we see you.

We know they could be your parent, your brother, your sister, your significant other, your child, your cousin, or you. We know it has been proven over and over again that it isn’t safe for us to simply exist. We know.

Be sure to take time to process your grief and your feelings, specifically away from social media. Spend time (virtually or COVID-safely) supporting, and being supported by, your people. Avoid re-watching traumatizing videos of black people being harmed.

Breathe. Cry. Scream. Breathe.

Do not expend your energy on folks who want to discredit our humanity, or those who dismiss our fight to dismantle a system that was never built for us. Do not engage in conversations that make you explain what systemic racism looks like and feels like, repetitively, exhaustingly, without appropriate compensation. There are books, podcasts, white people who know – let those people and things do that explaining.

Breathe. Cry. Scream. Breathe.


To the allies who are in this with us – we see you. We ask you to keep this same energy moving forward.

When you see micro-aggressions in the workplace, know that they feel like LARGE aggressions to those enduring them – speak up. When your parents and friends are perpetuating stereotypes about folks of color, specifically black folks – speak up.

Recognize that you are gatekeepers to many spaces that are virtually inaccessible for non-white, non-cis people – speak up.

Don’t ask black folks to explain why this hurts on a cellular level (because it does every.single.time). Educate yourself. If you seek further understanding from black people – pay them. This is hard and traumatizing work.

For ways to support causes related to the recent tragedies and their aftermath, see our Instagram post from 5/31/20. For ways to support your mental health and wellbeing, see our Instagram post from 3/30/20.

Money helps. Speaking up helps. Moving through life in an intentionally anti-racist and humanity driven way, moment-by-moment, is what will make this country great. For all of us - for the very first time.

With love, as always, and especially now.

The NSBPA Family

Be safe.


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