Preceptor Opportunities

Date Posted:

17 March 2021


Longmeadow University

Job Title:

Preceptors teaching Emergency Medicine or Women's Health


Monthly stipend per student.

Preceptors - Emergency Medicine or Women's Health

Bay Path University Physician Assistant Program is seeking clinical affiliations (4 week rotations) with quality preceptors interested in teaching either: Emergency Medicine or Women's Health (OBGYN) to highly motivated learners during their clinical year.
The ideal setting would feature an interdisciplinary team of physician assistants and physicians in an environment of robust clinical activity and shared learning.
We are looking for clinicians who are receptive to training three or four (or more) of our physician assistant students during the Academic Year 2023 and beyond. This is because:
1) we are planning to expand our didactic class in 2022
2) the clinical component would begin in May 2023.

We will provide a monthly stipend per student to the supervising clinician or practice.
Our stated goals of our mission in educating Physician Assistants include serving the underserved and continuously increasing the diversity of each class in order to provide the best care to the patient populations we serve.
Our offices will help manage affiliation agreements, liability insurance, associated paperwork and housing. We have dedicated staff to help with credentialing and onboarding at any associated hospital(s). We are looking at all good training opportunities throughout the continental United States.
If there is interest, student rotations can begin earlier as the pandemic lifts (later in 2021 or 2022). We would look forward to a Zoom or phone call with an interested EM PA or OBGYN PA and our Program Director.

If interested, please contact one of us below:
  • Theresa J. Riethle, MS, PA-C
    Program Director | Associate Professor
    Physician Assistant Program
    Longmeadow, MA
    (413) 565-1236

  • Michael T. Bailin, MD
    Executive Director for Clinical Initiatives
    Bay Path University
    Cell/Text: (781) 608-6453