Who we are

We are a group of Certified Physician Assistants (PAs) who recognize the lack of diversity in our field and the unique challenges many Black Physician Assistant students, and practicing PAs, face. We plan to address these concerns through the creation of a community of PAs and pre-PAs, which will encourage knowledge sharing, mentorship, and support. We believe an adequately diverse and humanity-driven field supports our mental health and wellbeing, as well as our patients. Please join us.

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What we do

Our goals are to: diversify the Physician Assistant student body, specifically increasing the number of Black students; develop and maintain a national community of Black Physician Assistants; educate Black communities; and improve health outcomes in all communities with an emphasis on Black communities.
We will reach these goals by:

  • Increasing the number of racially diverse high schools, and/or primarily Black high schools, that PA program outreach is targeting.
  • Reviewing the current application process and identifying barriers it creates for people of color with the goal of restructuring the process to eliminate those barriers.
  • Creating a network of Black Physician Assistants to mentor and support pre-PA and PA students as they navigate the classes/prerequisites, testing, and hands-on learning that are required to become a successful PA.
  • Creating a website and social media presence where Black Physician Assistants can interact and share knowledge.
  • Sponsoring events regionally, and nationally, to allow for face-to-face interactions, NSBPA development, and relationship building.
  • Maintaining a website directory to allow NSBPA members to connect.

  • Promoting and developing continuing medical education (CME) specifically designed to increase awareness of provider and system bias and its impact on health outcomes of people of color.
  • Advocating for CME credit requirements for all PAs, physicians, and nurses to include observing and implementing bias, multicultural, and diversity training.
  • Increasing the number of Black providers who will return to their communities to serve and impart vital health knowledge.

We are NSBPA.

We are here to create a culturally responsible Physician Assistant workforce that adequately represents the diversity found in our world, and focuses on eradication of health disparities, especially in Black communities.

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