Conference Program

NSBPA Conference on New England Coastal Issues

 Draft Program

DAY 1 – September 17, 2014

7:00 Vendor Set-up

7:30  Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30  Welcome and Keynote Address: Changing Climate and Rising Seas:  What Does the Future Hold for Northeast Beaches, Rob Thieler, USGS Woods Hole

Session 1                                                                                9:30-10:30

State Shoreline Management Planning Efforts

  1. Rhode Island Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (Beach SAMP), Grover Fugate, RI Coastal Resources Mgmt Council
  2. StormSmart Coasts: Shoreline and Floodplain Management in Massachusetts, Bruce Carlisle, Director, MA Office of Coastal Zone Management

Session 2                                                                                 10:45-12:15

Green/Nature-based Shore Protection

  1. Coastal Case Studies in Bioengineering; Mickey Marcus, New England Environmental
  2. Living Shorelines in Rhode Island, John Torgan, The Nature Conservancy
  3. A Practitioner’s Survey of Successful Bioengineering Efforts on Coastal Banks and Restoring Salt Marshes to Manage Erosion, Seth Wilkinson, Wilkinson Ecological Design

LUNCH                                                                                    12:15-1:15

Session 3                                                                               1:15-3:15

Beach Nourishment

1.  Winthrop Shores Beach Nourishment, Joe Orfant, MA Dept of Conservation & Recreation

2.  Dead Neck Island Backpassing & Nourishment, John Ramsey, Applied Coastal Research & Engineering

3.  Sand Bypassing as a Short- and Long-term Sediment Management Solution at Town Neck Beach, Sandwich, MA, Kirk Bosma, Woods Hole Group

4.  Beach Replenishment Strategies in Rhode Island, Janet Freedman, RI Coastal Resources Management Council

Session 4                                                                               3:30-5:00

Identifying Offshore Sand Resources for Shore Protection

  1. Federal Regional Project, Jeff Waldner, Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  2. Sand Resource Needs Assessment at Critical Beaches on the Massachusetts Coast, Jon Woodruff, UMass Amherst & Margot Mansfield, MA CZM
  3. RI Program for Identification of Offshore Sand Resources for Shore Protection, John King, University of Rhode Island

SOCIAL HOUR                                                                         5:00-6:00

DAY 2 – September 18, 2014

Session 5                                                                                 8:30-10:00

Assessing Shoreline and Port Infrastructure

  1. MA Coastal Structures Inventory, Ron Bourne, Bourne Consulting & Engineering, & Kevin Mooney, MA Department of Conservation and Recreation
  2. Hurricane Sandy Coastal Projects Performance Evaluation Study, US Army Corps of Engineers
  3. Stakeholder Vulnerability Assessment of Maritime Infrastructure:  A Case Study of Rhode Island, Austin Becker, University of Rhode Island

Session 6                                                                                 10:15-12:15

Sand-filled Envelopes & Bags

1.  Regional examples of coir envelopes & mattresses, Dave Lager, NETCO

2.  Sand-Filled Bags: Nantucket Case Studies, Emily McKinnon, Nantucket Land Council

3.  Sand-filled Coir Bags: Rhode Island Case Studies, Caitlin Chaffee, RI Coastal Resources Management Council

Adjourn  12:30

1:15 – 2:15 Optional Tour of the National Weather Service Taunton office (pre-registration required)

The tour of the National Weather Service Taunton office will show where forecasts and warnings are produced for the southern New England area for the next 7 days.  The tour will include the forecaster workstations and a sampling of the data sets used by forecasters in making critical warning decisions.

NSBPA CONFERENCE, 17 – 18 September 2014

Holiday Inn Taunton

700 Myles Standish Boulevard,

Taunton, MA 02780


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