Conference Program

NSBPA Conference on New England Coastal Issues

 Draft Program

DAY 1 – September 17, 2014

Keynote Address: Changing Climate and Rising Seas:  What Does the Future Hold for Northeast Beaches, Rob Thieler, USGS Woods Hole

Session 1                                                                                9:30-10:30

State Shoreline Management Planning Efforts

  1. Rhode Island Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (Beach SAMP), Grover Fugate, RI Coastal Resources Mgmt Council
  2. StormSmart Coasts: Shoreline and Floodplain Management in Massachusetts, Bruce Carlisle, Director, MA Office of Coastal Zone Management

Session 2                                                                                 10:45-12:15

Green/Nature-based Shore Protection

  1. Coastal Case Studies in Bioengineering; Mickey Marcus, New England Environmental
  2. Living Shorelines in Rhode Island, John Torgan, The Nature Conservancy
  3. CT Living Shorelines or MA Salt Marsh Creation on Beaches

LUNCH                                                                                    12:15-1:15

Session 3                                                                               1:15-3:15

Beach Nourishment

1.  Winthrop Shores Beach Nourishment, Joe Orfant, MA Dept of Conservation & Recreation

2.  Dead Neck Island Backpassing & Nourishment, John Ramsey, Applied Coastal Research & Engineering

3.  Sand Bypassing as a Short- and Long-term Sediment Management Solution at Town Neck Beach, Sandwich, MA, Kirk Bosma, Woods Hole Group

4.  Beach Replenishment Strategies in Rhode Island, Janet Freedman

Session 4                                                                               3:30-5:00

Identifying Offshore Sand Resources for Shore Protection

  1. Federal Regional Project, Jeff Waldner, BOEM
  2. Sand Resource Needs Assessment at Critical Beaches on the Massachusets Coast, Jon Woodruff, UMass Amherst & Margot Mansfield, MA CZM
  3. RI Cooperative Project John King, URI

SOCIAL HOUR                                                                         5:00-6:00

DAY 2 – September 18, 2014

Session 5                                                                                 8:30-10:00

Assessing Shoreline and Port Infrastructure

  1. MA Coastal Structures Inventory, Ron Bourne, Bourne Consulting & Engineering, & Kevin Mooney, MA Department of Conservation and Recreation
  2. US Army Corps of Engineers  Invited
  3. Stakeholder Vulnerability Assessment of Maritime Infrastructure:  A Case Study of Rhode Island, Austin Becker, University of Rhode Island

Session 6                                                                                 10:15-12:15

Sand-filled Envelopes & Bags

1.  Regional examples of coir envelopes & mattresses, Dave Lager, NETCO

2.  Sand-Filled Bags: Nantucket Case Studies, Emily McKinnon, Nantucket Land Council

3.  Sand-filled Coir Bags: Rhode Island Case Studies, Caitlin Chaffee, RI CRMC

NSBPA CONFERENCE, 17 – 18 September 2014

Holiday Inn Taunton

700 Myles Standish Boulevard,

Taunton, MA 02780


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